I have zero cyber experience. Can I apply to CAPSLOCK if I do not come from a 'techy' background?

Answer = yes, you can. Applications from people from all backgrounds are welcome at CAPSLOCK

This is probably the most common question we're asked by prospective learners, and the answer is "Yes!" A thousand times yes! You absolutely do not need a background in IT to excel in cyber security.

CAPSLOCK exists to help adults switch careers and become cyber security professionals, with the intention of bringing fresh perspectives and greater diversity into the industry. Many of our learners have no cyber or IT experience at all. Cyber is a far more holistic and varied discipline than a lot of people think - it isn't all about tech!

People come to CAPSLOCK from all kinds of industries and backgrounds. We've helped dancers, teachers, chefs, marketing consultants, military veterans, driving instructors, police officers, full-time parents, DJs, midwives, people out of work, jewellers, baristas and many, many more people of all kinds of professions become Certified Cyber Security Practitioners. 

So, no matter your background, you will already have lots of transferable skills which will carry you far in this industry, and we can help you learn the cyber skills you need to launch an exciting new career...