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How many people land a job after graduating from CAPSLOCK?

What percentage of current CAPSLOCK graduates are working in cyber? Find out here.

CAPSLOCK exists to help people switch careers to cyber security, so we do everything we can to ensure our learners are well supported in their cyber job searches.

To date (early 2023), 302 people have graduated from CAPSLOCK since we launched in 2021, and 214 of them have been hired into cyber roles. So, currently 71% of our graduates are working in cyber security, and our careers team continue to support all current learners and graduates who are looking for roles.

Our first cohort (which graduated in autumn 2021) has a current employment rate of 81%, our second cohort has an employment rate of 75%, our third cohort has an employment rate of 71%, and as time moves on these numbers should continue to rise as more of our graduates find roles with our help.

It's important to remind people that the hundreds of CAPSLOCK alumni who are now in cyber security roles come from an incredible diverse backgrounds. Many of them have never worked in cyber, IT or tech related fields before. If they can do it, so can you!

The cyber security sector continues to grow rapidly with many opportunities available for those new to the industry. CAPSLOCK also continues to develop direct partnerships with UK cyber security employers who actively recruit our learners.