The CAPSLOCK cyber security bootcamp course is designed to take someone from any background, and teach them the skills needed to launch a successful career in cyber security.

Learners undertake the course as a trainee cyber security consultant, working in small teams to tackle real-world cyber security problems.

Because cyber security is a broad discipline, the curriculum is designed to develop an all-round cyber security practitioner who understands the breadth of cyber.

The Five Problem Areas you will cover

  1. Understanding Business

    In the first few weeks, we explore why cyber security exists and the landscape within an organisation. You will learn how cyber security is measured, how organisations can develop effective cyber security culture, and explore threats such as social engineering. This is your foundation which you will build on.

  2. Security By Design

    We introduce you to governance, risk, and compliance (GRC), and how these concepts underpin the existence of cyber security. You'll develop your networking fundamentals, begin to consider security architecture, and much more.

  3. Applied Security
    The problems you solve will begin to increase in complexity and you will continue to apply learnings from areas 1 & 2. Some of the areas you will be working on include cloud security, access control, and cryptography.

  4. Offensive & Defensive Security Operations

    You will continue to develop your understanding of cyber security threats and the entire landscape and apply this understanding in the context of penetration testing (often referred to as red teaming or ethical hacking) and security operations (often known as blue-teaming or SOC).

  5. Business Continuity Management

    In this final problem area, you will learn to solve problems regarding business continuity and resilience, leaning on everything you've learnt to date whilst developing new advanced skills.

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