An income share agreement is a method of tuition finance where you don't pay anything up-front, and only pay when you land a high-paying job.

At CAPSLOCK, you will re-pay 15% of your monthly income for 36 months after you graduate from the course, but only once you are earning over £27,000 a year.

ISAs scale with you, so when you’re earnings are lower, your repayments are lower. They’re always affordable. We use ISAs so everyone has the opportunity to get the career-changing education they need, regardless of their financial situation.

It is an FCA-regulated agreement, so has consumer protection clauses built in such as;

  • You will never pay back more than £18,000, even if you land a role paying a very high salary.

  • You can take a 3-month re-payment holiday at any time, no questions asked

  • You can pay off your ISA early, at any time, for £9,000 + VAT.

  • After 6 years (72 months), the contract is voided and you will no longer need to make repayments, even if you haven't made a repayment in that time.

Income Share Agreement Overview

Upfront Fees or Deposit: £0

Monthly Income Share: 15%
Minimum Income Threshold: £27,000 (£2,250 per month)
Maximum Cap: £18,000
Number of Monthly Repayments: 36 months
Contract is Voided After: 72 months
Expected Average Repayment: £11,579

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