After you apply to enrol at CAPSLOCK and receive a conditional offer to enrol, you will unlock access to the CAPSLOCK pre-course area.

At this stage, there are four mechanisms of support;

  1. Slack

    You will receive an invitation to join our Slack workspace, where you can get support from other learners, applicants, alumni, and the wider CAPSLOCK team. This is normally the best place to get help with the pre-course content, such as Immersive Labs.

  2. Live Chat
    The live chat is managed by our admissions and enrollment team and is normally the quickest way to get support.

  3. Phone Call

    You can request a phone call with one of our admissions team. That request is normally made via live chat or via email.

  4. Email

    All members of the CAPSLOCK team have emails you can contact. As you go through he application process, you will receive emails from the CAPSLOCK admissions team which you can reply to and use for ongoing support.

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