Lengthy repayment plans not for you? No worries. You can choose to pay your CAPSLOCK tuition up-front with one simple payment of £7,500 + VAT.

It's the ideal choice if you've got the means to immediately invest in your future.

If you choose to pay up-front, you will be issued an invoice for the full tuition fee (£7,500 + VAT) before your chosen start date. This must be paid in full prior to Day One on your chosen course.

To pay up-front, you'll be paying £7,500 + VAT. This comes to £9,000 in total, which is cheaper than one year at university and, clearly, CAPSLOCK graduates are consistently seeing fantastic career outcomes...

Fun fact: £9,000 equates to £18 per hour of instructor-led tuition on the CAPSLOCK course. Compared to university (£40ph) or other cyber security courses (£80ph+), CAPSLOCK offers tremendous value for money.

Invest in yourself and your future and apply to CAPSLOCK today.

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