I have experience in IT already and want to work in cyber. Will CAPSLOCK be useful for me?

Perhaps you currently work in IT, or have taught yourself the basics of cyber security. Use CAPSLOCK to upskill and launch your cyber career!

Absolutely! Having existing IT knowledge will certainly come in handy. However, the main value of our bootcamps comes from the holistic cyber training we offer, and the hands-on problem solving you’ll be doing in class, so there's still plenty to learn!

The course also includes careers guidance, coaching, mentoring and some cyber certifications, so it’s like an all-in-one package to upskill in cyber, helping to make the transition from IT to cyber nice and efficient.

And remember, it's a common misconception that cyber is all about tech. Technological understanding is important, but other skills such as business understanding, strong communication skills, and being able to work effectively in a team are vitally important, too. We cover all this and more on the CAPSLOCK Certified Cyber Security Practitioner course.