How much does a CAPSLOCK course cost? What are my payment options?

Find out how much it costs to study at CAPSLOCK, and what payment methods are available.

The cost of a CAPSLOCK bootcamp depends on your chosen method of paying for the course. Please read on to find out more!

There are four ways to finance your tuition fee at CAPSLOCK:

  1. Paying Up-front

  2. Shared Income Agreement

  3. Lendwise Student Loan

  4. Knoma Loan

You can read about all 4 of these options in greater depth in The Cost FAQ, but in a nutshell...

  1. Paying Up-front:

    If you'd like to pay for your CAPSLOCK tuition in one go prior to starting the course, the fee is £7,500 + VAT (£9,000 total).

  2. Shared Income Agreement:

    No up-front costs. Repay back 13% of your monthly income for 48 months after the course, but only once you land a job paying over £25,000 a year. Therefore, the overall total cost you pay over 48 months will depend on your employment status and salary.

  3. Lendwise Student Loan:

    A personal loan of £9,000 to cover your tuition fees. Repay set monthly instalments over 2-6 years. Average interest rate at 10% APR.

  4. Knoma Loan:

    Borrow £9,000 and repay in interest-free instalments, over a period of between 2 - 12 months. (£750 a month if you opt for 12 instalments)