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Mentoring Programme: Everything you need to know

Learners at CAPSLOCK have access to industry and alumni mentors throughout their journey.

We know that the career transition our learners are making is hugely exciting and can also be a little daunting. That's why we have a well-established mentoring programme at CAPSLOCK, with learner teams being assigned their own industry and alumni mentors for the duration of the course.

We have pulled together a fantastic and ever-growing group of willing cyber security mentors who work in the UK cyber sector. These mentors have a broad knowledge of the industry and are there to support our learners and help them to make the most of their new and existing skills.

Mentors also often bring guest speakers into their mentoring sessions to help contextualise the academic learning and bring some of the roles that are available within the world of cyber to life.

Learner teams are also assigned an alumni mentor for the duration of the course. Our alumni mentors are recent graduates, so they know exactly what it's like to study at CAPSLOCK and can pass on valuable firsthand knowledge of the CAPSLOCK journey and beyond.

Our mentoring programme is a really exciting part of the CAPSLOCK experience, and brings a lot of value to our learners.