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Pastoral Care: Everything you need to know

Pastoral care is very important to us at CAPSLOCK, and this article outlines the support available to our learners.

Alongside the educational aspect of our award-winning cyber bootcamps, we also provide a wide range of additional support to all CAPSLOCK learners.

We're aware that studying with CAPSLOCK is an intense undertaking, and that our learners with busy lives, jobs and responsibilities outside the virtual classroom will need support from time to time.

We pride ourselves on being an inclusive and honest group of people, and we are here to help.

Here's some of the support available at CAPSLOCK:

Support whilst in the classroom

A lead tutor, a tutor, and learner support staff are present in the virtual classroom at all times. They're there to offer help and guidance where needed, as well as technical support if necessary.

Support whilst outside of the classroom

Slack is your best friend! It's the messaging tool we use for a lot of communication at CAPSLOCK. Drop a DM to a member of the learner support team, or post in the dedicated Support channel.

Mental Health Support

We currently have four qualified mental health first aiders at CAPSLOCK. Annabelle, Mark, Cristina and Callum are able to provide initial support if someone is experiencing mental health issues, or just needs someone to talk to.

We're committed to promoting the wellbeing of our learners, and access to mental health first aid is an important part of the inclusive and supportive environment we are creating.