What are CAPSLOCK classes like?

Classes at CAPSLOCK are 100% online, live, and revolve around the methodologies of Team Based Learning (TBL) and Problem Based Learning (PBL), meaning learners work towards solving real-world cyber security problems in small teams. 

Whilst on the course, our learners are role-playing as trainee cyber security practitioners, completing practical projects and learning in a hands-on, simulated workplace environment, to prepare them for their future roles in industry. 

Team Based Learning (TBL) – Team based learning is exactly what it sounds like: flipping the traditional ‘lecturers vs students’ dynamic on its head by placing learners in small teams for the duration of the course. Rather than relying on learning listening to lengthy talks to absorb knowledge (which has a retention percentage of around 5%), learners proactively engage in group discussions, peer-to-peer teaching and collaborative projects within their teams (with retention percentages of up to 95%). In essence, Team Based Learning ensures deeper learning, far greater levels of retention, and consistent engagement. 

Problem Based Learning (PBL) – Problem Based Learning is another inversion of the educational norm. Traditionally, teachers tell students what they need to know first. The students then attempt to memorise this knowledge, and finally solve theoretical problems related to it. In contrast, PBL begins with looking at realistic, industry-relevant problems that learners would likely encounter in their future cyber careers. The knowledge needed to solve these problems is then outlined, and finally this knowledge is learned and applied to solve the problem, perhaps by using hands-on labs or writing a report. This allows learners to get to grips with the practicalities of being a cyber security professional. 

Both TBL and PBL are proven learner-centric approaches which prioritise deep learning and real-world problem solving. Combined, they create an immersive learning environment which encourages engagement, exploration, innovation, and confidence. These attributes are key to employability.

So, in any given day at CAPSLOCK, you might be completing team-based projects, researching different cyber topics, listening to mini-lectures, participating in group discussions, completing peer reviews, presenting work back to the wider group, sitting individual and team-based quizzes... the list goes on.

At the end of each bootcamp, learners are asked for their feedback about the course, and TBL is consistently mentioned as people’s favourite aspect of CAPSLOCK.