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What job will I get in cyber security after I graduate?

See what kind of jobs CAPSLOCK learners go into after graduating. Cyber is more diverse than you might think!

Cyber security is a diverse sector and there are many different roles and paths available for newcomers to the industry.

The most popular role-types our learners secure are:

  • Security Operations Centre Analyst (SOC Analyst)

    A role where you actively monitor networks and systems to identify unauthorised actions by users or potential intrusion by an attacker.

  • Cyber Security Consultancy
    A role where you normally work for a larger organisation and help customers on a variety of different cyber security projects.

  • Information Assurance & Governance
    A role where you might be tasked to ensure compliance within agreed cyber security policies, manage and assess digital risk, support internal audits, and more.

  • Cyber Security Generalist

    A varied role which combines multiple specialisms into one. From threat intelligence and SOC analysis, through to ensuring compliance with cyber security policy and delivering security awareness training.

The CAPSLOCK careers team will help you identify which cyber security roles would be suitable for you, and can help you find suitable jobs in the industry.

Taken from a sample of the first 100 CAPSLOCK learners to land a role in industry, below is a pie chart outlining which areas graduates went in to:


You can explore the 16 cyber security specialisms from the UK Cyber Council here: